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It's that time of year. (12/11a)
What comes after X? (12/11a)
They got a name for the winners in the world. (12/10a)
Guess who's on top of the heap...again. (12/10a)
The buying spree sees results. (12/11a)
Ours is mostly bourbon.
Delicious in salads.
Ours are roasting, but it could be these slim-fit jeans.
An entire Christmas tree made of it. Is what we want. for Christmas.

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SEASONS CHANGE (WAITING ON YOU): Another Coachella has end-ed—I have a perfect attendance record: 15 out of 15, and always BOTH weekends, since that became an option. This year’s lineup was tailored to three generations of music fans—plenty of attendees my age were thrilled to see The Replacements, Afghan Whigs, Bryan Ferry, Motorhead, Pet Shop Boys, among others. I keep forgetting that I’m old, partly because the music business is the Dorian Gray of career choices. Headliners Arcade Fire further enhanced their reputation as the BEST LIVE BAND, blazing through both weeks’ sets with unbridled talent and energy. Guest turns from Debbie Harry (“Heart of Glass” and “Sprawl II) and Beck (Prince’s “Controversy”) added to the excitement, which continued with a post-curfew second line procession with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band that played through the audience into the VIP area and back on the field, until the final woah-woah-woah-woahs of “Wake Up” ended back­stage. Some of the other swoon-worthy, life-affirming moments included the Afghan Whigs’ homage to swagger (I heart Greg Dulli), Bryan Ferry, Solange (she’s the coolest), Sleigh Bells (they were a revelation to me), Washed Out, Courtney Barnett (currently an XMU favorite), and the only man (besides Paul Westerberg) that I’d push my way to the front of the stage to see: Pharrell. If I were a PD at a Modern Rock station, I’d absolutely play his music (beyond “Get Lucky”.) He was truly the most important and groundbreaking artist at Coachella, and I’m in absolute awe of the scope of his talent. Dancing to “Happy” under a storm of confetti was just what I needed… After 4AD band Future Islands’ set on the first weekend, I went behind the stage and told the Sam, the front-man, “Congratulations, you just won Coachella!” Without question, Future Islands was the champion of the festival. Their Letterman appearance has already had 1.3 million YouTube views, and the word-of-mouth from the first weekend of Coachella doubled the audience for the second week­end. The single, “Seasons Change,” is going to be a big hit within the next six months—bet on it…. Big week for Mike DePippa with the new Jack White single, “Lazaretto.” JUST WHAT THE FORMAT NEEDS, we all shouted in unison. As long as there are still rock stars, rock will NEVER be dead. Also, Foster the People’s “Best Friend” is off to a great start. I loved their Coachella set, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Live105’s BFD! Cherub’s “Doses and Mimosas” is happening, too— Shazam is telling the story on this record... You’ve heard that Amanda Walk is joining Ron Cerrito at Republic, right? AltNation added one my favorite records of theirs this week, “Digital Witness” by St. Vincent. They’ve also inherited the much-buzzed-about Tove Lo from Island, while continuing to dominate with Lorde, Phantogram, Birds of Tokyo, etc… I adore the Bleachers record, not merely because his girlfriend reminds me of me 25 years ago. Congrats to Dennis Blair and Jeff Gillis for soaring into the Top 10 with “I Wanna Get Better.” Kings of Leon’s “Wait for Me” is seconds away from joining their labelmates at the top, and if Cage the Elephant’s “Come a Little Closer” stays where it is, the RCA gang will have 3 in the Top 10! Nice!... Bastille’s “Bad Blood” is the next lock for #1. Bill Carroll and Howard P. are Promo Royalty. Broods’ “Bridges” is their next-to-break, with Beck’s “Blue Moon” on the rise… Downtown’s Mark Czarra had an astounding week with Somekindawonderful’s “Reverse.” I think that my AIR Report prediction of #1 is going to pay off handsome­ly…. It looks like Rob Goldklang is joining Capone in the quest to break Big Data’s “Dangerous.” Rob started his career crashing the KROQ van. Capone has friends that work at KROQ. This pairing is magic!... I love that the Coldplay song “Magic” is a Modern Rock hit. Never underestimate this band…. VERY EXCITED that KONGOS will be touring with Kings of Leon all summer/fall. “Come With Me Now” is selling 25k singles/week— so cool!... SONG TO HEAR: Temples “Shelter Song.” If you played Tame Impala’s “Elephant,” you can play this.

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