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I WANNA GET BETTER: When we last connected, I was myopic on the quest for #1 on KONGOS, and you wanted to know what I had done for you lately. You asked in the form of a question (at least Alex Trebek was pleased), and I scampered away to make miracles happen for you. Because that’s why I’m here: To make your job easier for you. Ever since Eliot Spitzer declared “quid pro quo” to be a federal offense, I can’t even ask if the project we’ve “partnered” on might benefit from the aforementioned marvel I’ve bestowed upon you. Fortunately for you, 1) it’s embedded in my psyche to strive towards perfection, expecting nothing in return, and 2) there are plenty of your peers who say “thank you” and are there when needed. Later that week, still fixated on Real Time Mediabase like it was a Presidential election (Lenny tried to “call it” with only 2% of New Hampshire counted), my anxiety was at such a fever pitch that I was too stressed to leave the office for my shrink appointment. Yes, I get the absurdity of the last statement. My job is absurd. My life is absurd. Please tell me something I don’t know. But effort and magic prevailed: By mid-Saturday night, “Come With Me Now” became the fastest ascent to #1 for a new band at Modern Rock. By Monday, it was back to business as usual: One boss said, “These records work themselves,” and the other boss added, “How long will it stay at #1?” Gee, and I had hoped for at least a parade. By Monday late afternoon, after a day where Ted and I were so tired that we couldn’t even complete each other’s sentences, I left the HITS garage, and someone plowed into my car. This wasn’t exactly the parade I had in mind. On Tuesday, after checking Real Time, it occurred to me that April Fools Day was also my 22-year sober anniversary, which makes it 21 SxSWs (and counting) where I’ve pretended to be happy to see you. Two days later heralded my 24th anniversary at HITS (a day severely lacking in parades), and it looked like #1 was a lock for a second week. One week later, there’s a 50/50 chance KONGOS will stay at #1, and #1 is better than #2. To our friends at radio, we have nothing left to say but THANK YOU… One of the most beloved Modern Rock promotion execs, Christine Chiappetta, will be departing the now-deconstructed IDJ after a decade-plus of loyal and exemplary work. Without question, her skill-set and relationships make her an in-demand free agent. We look forward to announcing her next move, the moment she decides what it will be… Arcade Fire will be taking a week off from their arena tour to headline both Coachella weekends, closing the main stage on Sunday night. Bill Carroll and Howard P will be launching the next single, “Normal Person,” in the next few weeks. It’s well known that Arcade Fire is the BEST LIVE BAND ON EARTH. Find me at Coachella and we’ll dance… This year’s Coachella lineup is an extravaganza of bands I love: First and foremost, Arcade Fire, followed oh-so-closely by The Replacements, Afghan Whigs, Bryan Ferry, Superchunk. Syd Arthur, Beck, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Future Islands, Broken Bells, Pet Shop Boys and my imaginary boyfriend Pharrell Williams. Last year was spent running bands from radio house to radio house, so this year my goal is to see at least 30 bands in three days. And to finish my taxes, so my accountant can file for an extension…. In the meantime, the wealth of new music being played at the format is truly exciting, with new bands like Wild Cub, SomeKindaWonderful, Big Data, Cherub, Bleachers, Broods, Royal Blood and Birds of Tokyo providing a fantastic soundtrack to the much-needed thaw…. SONG TO HEAR: Future Islands "Seasons (Waiting On You)."

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