This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 5/17-5/24/2018
LW: 13 2W: 15 3W: -
King Princess
album: N/A
track: 1950
Impacted 5/7. #44 Alternative. Adds at SiriusXM Alt Nation, WBMP, KITS, KBZT, WWCD, KRBZ, KQGO, WROX, MCAL, WZRH, KYRK, more. Featured on KNDD, KKDO, WAQX, ALT 987. 10.2m+ monthly listeners, #197 Most Listened Artist in the World On Spotify. 66m+ single streams of "1950"; On 200+ official Spotify playlists and charts including Today's Top Hits, New Music Friday, On 570k+ user-generated playlists. YouTube Artist on the Rise. Video at 1.6 Mill Views. Mgmt: Adam Herzog, Andrew DiDio/Fated Future