This Week's Picks to Break, Chosen by the HITS Editorial Staff
For the Week of: 4/12-4/19/2018
LW: 5 2W: 5 3W: 5
Foster the People
album: Sacred Hearts Club
track: Sit Next to Me
Charting at five radio formats. Top 40 (#28), Adult Pop (#20), Alt (#4), AAA (#21), and AC (#29) with 30m in audience (+3m). Major market support includes Z100 and Y100. 72 stations Adult Pop stations playing. #22 Shazam U.S with 35k+ tags weekly, tags up each week since release. 35k+ in weekly consumption; 3m+ audio streams. On tour with Paramore this summer. Festivals include Firefly, Okeechobee, Hangout, Life Is Beautiful, more. Mgmt: Brett Williams, John Picard/Monotone Inc.